Harvest Nasturtium Seeds for Next Year

save nasturtium seeds

Nasturtium is mostly an annual plant with beautiful large flowers of different colors, although there are also perennial varieties. Since the flower does not tolerate wintering in the open ground, it is grown in the flowerbed as an annual. Harvesting nasturtium seeds is a straightforward process, requiring only some basic knowledge of the plant and … Read more

How to Harvest and Save Moonflower Seeds

Moonflowers (Ipomoea alba) are a beautiful and fragrant night-blooming plant. They produce large white flowers with yellow centers that open during the evening hours of twilight, adding a romantic and mystical touch to any garden or landscape. But because these plants don’t live very long, harvesting moonflower seeds is the best way to ensure a … Read more

How to Get Gerbera Daisy Seeds from the Flower

harvesting gerbera daisy seeds

Gerbera daisies (Gerbera jamesonii) are a species of flowering plants that are popular for their bright and vivid colors. These cheerful blooms can add life to any garden or indoor space. The best part is you can enjoy them even after the season has ended, by harvesting and storing the seeds for future planting! When … Read more

Harvest and Save Lupine Seeds for Planting

save lupine seeds

Lupine seeds are a highly nutritious source of food for humans and animals. They can be harvested from the lupine crop and stored for long-term consumption or use in recipes. Harvesting lupine seed is not difficult, but it is important to properly prepare the seeds before storage in order to make them last as long … Read more

How to Collect and Store Daisy Seeds

how to save daisy seeds

Harvesting daisy seeds is a rewarding and fun gardening activity that can be done throughout the year. It allows for the collection of beautiful, colorful flowers for use in floral arrangements or simply to enjoy their beauty. It also provides gardeners with an opportunity to produce and store daisy seeds for later planting. When to … Read more

How to Harvest and Storage Calendula Seeds

save calendula seeds

Calendula, or pot marigold as it is also known, is a popular flower that has been grown in gardens for centuries. It’s bright yellow and orange flowers are often used as a natural dye or to make herbal teas. Calendula is easy to grow and is an attractive addition to any home garden. When it … Read more

Harvest and Save Snapdragon Seeds for Next Year

Snapdragons (Antirrhinum majus) are a cheerful and colorful addition to any garden. Growing them from seeds is an economical way to stock your garden with these vibrant flowers. But in order to keep the seeds viable for future planting, proper harvesting and storage methods must be followed. When to Harvest Snapdragon Seeds Snapdragon flowers are … Read more

How to Store Flax Seeds: for planting or eating

store flax seeds

Flax is one of the oldest cultivated crops that humans have grown. It has been used for centuries as a source of fiber, oil, and food. Flax seeds are incredibly nutritious and can be used in various ways to create products such as fabric, paper, cooking oil, and even feed for livestock. As such, the … Read more

Cosmos Seed Harvesting & Saving

Cosmos flowers are easy to grow and will bloom throughout the summer months. To ensure that you have plenty of Cosmos flower blooms for your garden, it is important to harvest their seeds at the end of each season. With proper seed preparation and storage, you can enjoy beautiful Cosmos flowers year after year. When … Read more

How to Harvest and Store Morning Glory Seeds

harvest morning glory seeds

Harvesting morning glory seeds can be a rewarding experience for many gardeners, as the beautiful vines and flowers of the morning glory are well worth it. However, proper preparation of the harvested seeds is necessary for successful storage and continued use later on. Knowing what conditions should be met for seed storage, and understanding the … Read more