How to Save Jalapeno Seeds for Planting

Jalapeno peppers are popularly used in a variety of dishes, as well as for pickling and canning. But before they can be enjoyed, the jalapenos must first be harvested, and the seeds must be prepared for storage. Among the most common types of culture, the following three varieties can be found:

  • Espinaltico – pods with sharp tips;
  • Peludo – peppers are thick and quite long;
  • Morita – pods are short and rounded.

harvest jalapeno seeds

When to Harvest Jalapeno Seeds?

The optimal time for harvesting jalapeno seeds is when the pods are mature and have turned red or dark green, depending on the variety. It’s important to check the ripeness of each pepper before you pick it since there can be differences among jalapenos even within the same plant. You should also avoid picking peppers that are still yellow, as they won’t yield ripe seeds.

How to Harvest Jalapeno Seeds?

To harvest jalapeno seeds, carefully remove the peppers from the plant by cutting them off or twisting them gently to avoid damaging the foliage. Lay the peppers out on a flat surface and cut lengthwise along one side of the pepper to open it up. Carefully scoop out all of the seeds inside and place them in a bowl or container.

How to Dry the Jalapeno Seeds?

Once you have harvested the jalapeno seeds, it’s time to dry them. The best way to do this is to spread out the seeds on a flat, clean surface and leave them in a warm, dark location for at least two weeks. This will allow all of the moisture to evaporate from the seeds and make them ready for storage.

Selection Seeds for Storage

Once the seeds have been fully dried, you can begin selecting the best ones for storage. To do this, remove any debris and damaged seeds from the batch. The remaining healthy seeds should be uniform in size, color, and texture. These are the best candidates for storage.

save jalapeno seeds

How to Store Jalapeno Seeds

Once you’ve selected the best seeds for storage, it is important to ensure that they are stored correctly. All seed packets should be labeled with the variety and date of harvesting, as well as any other important information. The ideal conditions for storing jalapeno seeds are a cool, dry environment with temperatures around 41-54°F (5-12°C). Pepper seeds should be stored in an environment with a relative humidity of 45-60%, for optimal preservation. In addition, the seeds should be stored in an airtight container or bag to preserve freshness. To ensure optimal germination rates, it is important to use the seeds within a year of harvesting. If properly stored, jalapeno seeds can remain viable for up to four years.

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