Strawberry Seeds: How to Harvest and Save for Planting

Strawberry is a widely-cultivated, delicious berry that can be grown in many regions of the world. Its seeds can be harvested and stored for later use in propagation.

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When to Harvest Strawberry Seeds?

Strawberry seeds must be harvested in the correct manner and at the right time in order to preserve their viability. The best time to harvest is usually after the berry ripening of the berries when they have reached their maximum sweetness and flavor.

How to Harvest Strawberry Seeds?

There are several ways to get strawberry seeds:

  • You need to collect ripe, juicy berries, but in no case rotten, only slightly overripe. With a sharp knife, cut off part of the pulp with seeds, that is, the upper part. Spread it all on a glossy surface and place it in direct sunlight or a lamp. In this case, you will achieve the drying of the seeds in a few days. After about 4 days, the pulp will be completely dry, and the seeds will fall off the surface of the strawberries. You will only have to run your fingers over the glossy surface to collect the seeds. They are stored in a cool dry place for 4 years. This is the maximum shelf life of seeds.
  • There is another more exotic way. If you do not want to wait for the berries to dry, use another method. To obtain seeds in this way, you need to throw a handful of strawberries, from which you want to get seeds, into a blender and pour water. Close the blender and turn it on with the water. As a result, you will get seeds that will settle to the bottom. You need to pour water and strain through a tea strainer. This way the seeds will remain on top of the sieve.

What do Strawberry Seeds Look Like?

Strawberry seeds are tiny, oval-shaped and range in color from whitish to dark brown. Depending on the amount of time that a particular seed has been stored, the size may decrease or increase. The larger sizes are generally considered to be the better quality for germination.

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Conditions for Seed Storage

Once the seeds have been harvested and cleaned, they should be stored in a cool and dry location. For optimal seed storage, it is best to store the seeds under conditions of 50°F – 60°F (10°C – 15°C) and around 45-50% relative humidity. Keeping the temperature and humidity levels consistent will help to ensure the viability of the seeds.

The duration of seed storage can vary depending on the variety of strawberries being stored. Generally speaking, most strawberry varieties will remain viable for up to four years when stored properly in sealed containers at cool temperatures.

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