How to Harvest and Store Morning Glory Seeds

Harvesting morning glory seeds can be a rewarding experience for many gardeners, as the beautiful vines and flowers of the morning glory are well worth it. However, proper preparation of the harvested seeds is necessary for successful storage and continued use later on. Knowing what conditions should be met for seed storage, and understanding the terms associated with this process can save gardeners time and money.

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When to Harvest Morning Glory Seeds

Harvesting morning glory seeds is a relatively easy process that can be accomplished by anyone with basic gardening skills. The ideal time to harvest the seed pods is when they have turned brown and are beginning to dry out, though you may need to harvest them earlier if you live in an area where rain or other moisture could damage the seeds before they have time to completely dry.

How to Harvest Morning Glory Seeds

Once the seed pods are ready, they should be removed from the plant carefully. The pods can then be placed in a paper bag or other container and left to dry out completely. This usually takes just a week but may take longer depending on the conditions of your area.

Once the pods are dry, they can be cracked open or cut open with scissors to reveal the seeds.

Seed Preparation for Storage

Once you have harvested your morning glory seeds, they should be cleaned before storage to remove any dirt or debris. Doing this is simple – just gently rub the seeds with a dry cloth to remove any dust or residue from the pods.

After cleaning the seeds, you may want to treat them with a fungicide to prevent any mold growth before storage.

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Shelf Life and Storage Conditions

Morning glory seeds will remain viable for up to several years when stored in the proper conditions. Generally, the best way to store them is in an airtight container at room temperature. To ensure long-term storage, you can add a desiccant packet (like silica gel) to the container and replace it every three months or so. Make sure to check the seeds periodically for signs of infestation, mold, or other pests.

It’s also important to keep in mind that morning glory seeds need some light and air circulation in order to stay viable. If stored in a completely sealed container, they may lose their germination ability over time. Therefore, it is recommended to store morning glory seeds in a partially sealed container or an open jar with a loose lid.

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