Harvest Nasturtium Seeds for Next Year

Nasturtium is mostly an annual plant with beautiful large flowers of different colors, although there are also perennial varieties. Since the flower does not tolerate wintering in the open ground, it is grown in the flowerbed as an annual. Harvesting nasturtium seeds is a straightforward process, requiring only some basic knowledge of the plant and its life cycle.

harvest nasturtium seeds

When to Harvest Nasturtium Seeds?

Nasturtium seeds are small boxes with an uneven relief surface. They are collected after full ripening, before the first frost. The exception is foreign nasturtium: its seeds should be cut off green and put to ripen at room temperature.

The period during which the seeds reach full maturity is from 40 to 50 days. It should be noted that this process is uneven, and the countdown is not from planting or flowering, but from the moment the petals fall off. That is why the collection is carried out in stages, as they ripen.

Harvest Nasturtium Seeds

Before storing nasturtium seeds, it is necessary to prepare them. To do this, the collection boxes must be dried and then cleaned of any attached plant debris. It is best to cut off the seed pod from the stem with scissors and dry it on filter paper or cloth and left to dry in an area with good air circulation. The seeds should be turned over every few days until they are completely dried out and ready for storage.

What do Nasturtium Seeds Look Like?

Nasturtium seeds are small, round, and brown in color. They can range from about 0.4mm to 1.5mm in diameter, and have a ridged and glossy surface, with some bumps or ridges depending on the variety of nasturtium you have.

saving nasturtium seeds

Seed Storage Conditions

Nasturtium seeds should be stored in a cool and dry place, preferably at temperatures below 59°F (15°C) and with an air humidity of less than 50%. To prevent fungal activity and spoilage, cardboard boxes or paper bags should be used for storage.

Seed Storage Duration

Nasturtium seeds have an initial germination rate of about 80%. If stored properly, these same seeds will retain their high viability for up to 4 years in cool and dry conditions. It is recommended that nasturtium seeds are replenished every year or two with freshly harvested seeds to ensure a high germination rate.

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