How to Collect and Store Daisy Seeds

Harvesting daisy seeds is a rewarding and fun gardening activity that can be done throughout the year. It allows for the collection of beautiful, colorful flowers for use in floral arrangements or simply to enjoy their beauty. It also provides gardeners with an opportunity to produce and store daisy seeds for later planting.

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When to Harvest Daisy Seeds

Daisy seeds can be harvested during the summer months of late June through August. The flowers should be allowed to fully bloom and open before harvesting. It is best to harvest daisy seeds when temperatures are consistently warm and days are longer in order to ensure that the seed coat has had time to properly form.

How to Harvest Daisy Seeds

Daisy seeds are harvested by gently tugging the flower head until it comes off from its stem and collecting the fluffy, feather-like seed heads in a paper bag or container. Care must be taken to ensure that no damage is done to the plant when harvesting the flowers.

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Seed Preparation for Storage

Once the seed heads are collected, they should be separated from any plant material. This can easily be done by rubbing them between your fingertips and allowing the seeds to fall through a sieve or screen into another container. The chaff (the unripe parts of the seed) can then be removed before storage.

Conditions for Seed Storage

Seeds should be stored at temperatures below 40°F and in an area with low humidity. A container such as a canning jar or plastic bag is ideal for storing the seeds; make sure that the container is airtight to retain freshness. Seeds should be labeled with their species name and date of harvest, along with any other relevant information.

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Terms of Seed Storage

Stored seeds can remain viable for up to several years, depending on their species. To ensure the best results, store the seeds in a cool, dry place and monitor them regularly. Seeds should also be checked periodically for signs of insect activity or mold growth, which could affect their viability. It is also important to keep track of when the seeds were harvested, as this can also impact their lifespan.

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