How to Harvest and Storage Calendula Seeds

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Calendula, or pot marigold as it is also known, is a popular flower that has been grown in gardens for centuries. It’s bright yellow and orange flowers are often used as a natural dye or to make herbal teas. Calendula is easy to grow and is an attractive addition to any home garden. When it … Read more

How to Store Flax Seeds: for planting or eating

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Flax is one of the oldest cultivated crops that humans have grown. It has been used for centuries as a source of fiber, oil, and food. Flax seeds are incredibly nutritious and can be used in various ways to create products such as fabric, paper, cooking oil, and even feed for livestock. As such, the … Read more

Cosmos Seed Harvesting & Saving

Cosmos flowers are easy to grow and will bloom throughout the summer months. To ensure that you have plenty of Cosmos flower blooms for your garden, it is important to harvest their seeds at the end of each season. With proper seed preparation and storage, you can enjoy beautiful Cosmos flowers year after year. When … Read more

How to Harvest and Store Morning Glory Seeds

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Harvesting morning glory seeds can be a rewarding experience for many gardeners, as the beautiful vines and flowers of the morning glory are well worth it. However, proper preparation of the harvested seeds is necessary for successful storage and continued use later on. Knowing what conditions should be met for seed storage, and understanding the … Read more

How to Collect and Save Dahlia Seeds

Dahlia is a beautiful perennial flower that can provide cheerful color to your garden. If you want to keep enjoying its blooms for years to come, harvesting the seeds and storing them properly will be key. When to Harvest Dahlia Seeds Once the flower has finished blooming and its petals have fallen off, a seed … Read more

How to Save Poppy Seeds: for planting or eating

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The poppy seed is an essential ingredient in many recipes, including desserts and baked goods. Harvesting poppy seeds can be a rewarding experience and provide a valuable source of income for farmers. This article will discuss the process of harvesting poppy seeds, preparation for storage, and the ideal conditions and terms for storing them. When … Read more

How Harvest and Save Sunflower Seeds

harvesting sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are one of the most popular oilseed crops around the world. Sunflower seeds can be consumed raw, used as birdseed, sprouted for salads and sandwiches, roasted for a snack, or crushed for use in cooking and baking. In addition to their culinary uses, sunflower seeds also offer health benefits due to their high … Read more

How to Harvest and Save Coneflower Seeds

Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) is a popular ornamental flowering plant, valued for its unique purple flowers and long blooming period. It’s also well-known for its medicinal uses, especially as an immune system booster. But did you know that the seeds of the coneflower can be collected and stored for future use? Harvesting and storing coneflower seeds … Read more

How to Harvest and Store Marigold Seeds at Home

Marigolds are a popular annual flower used in landscaping and gardens. Harvesting the seeds of marigolds to use for future planting can save both time and money, especially as it is easy to do. To get the best results when harvesting marigold seeds, there are some things to consider such as seed preparation for storage … Read more

How to Save Zinnia Seeds from Flowers

Harvesting zinnia seeds is a great way to save money on your garden and ensure you always have plenty of lush blooms. Zinnias are easy to grow from seeds, making them an ideal choice for home gardeners who want to enjoy their beautiful flowers without spending a fortune. But before you can reap the rewards … Read more